Sunday, March 2, 2014

Worth the Price/Greatest Gifts Ever...

Happy March!

This weekend we helped a friend move.  This friend is in his early 20's and as I was lifting some of his stuff, I had a recurring thought.  That thought was 'wow - I'm glad I paid $XX for our _____.  The quality is so much better!'  This got me thinking to a few other things that I have either paid a decent price for, or, as is more likely the case in my situation, have asked for it as a present and my very generous parents have bought it for me.  A few things that fall into this category:
  • My Vitamix!!!  I got this for my 30th birthday and we use it several times a week.  I drink a smoothie everyday and am able to make 4 at a time with this powerful blender.  I didn't have to pay for it - but if I had, it would be worth every penny.
  • My food processor - I have a Cuisinart 14 cup, too many functions :) food processor and love it.  Once again - shout out to my mom for getting this for me for my birthday (something that was on my list).  I have a ton of food allergies and make almost everything homemade - bread, hummus, getting into even making my own vegan milk.  Anyways - this bad boy can make 14 cups of hummus at one time.  Hello awesome.  
  • Good outdoor winter gear - it is winter (you're welcome for sharing the obvious) and it is really cold.  It has been a cold winter.  This winter (if you remember back to my splurge) I bought some boots and a winter coat.  Well let me tell you - I have spent probably close to 500 on outdoor stuff this year and have never been happier with it.  I am sure I have gotten that much use out of it already - and the best part is that I will use it for all my future winters until it wears out.  
  • The final thing I would put on this list, which is what triggered my thinking, is that I now own "real" furniture - it is not the particleboard junk our friend had - we have a dining set, dressers, and coffee tables that are made from real sturdy wood.  I bought our dining set and living room entertainment pieces from Pottery Barn before I ever knew The Executioner and my sister was moving in with someone and they decided to get rid of their 6 piece Pier One bedroom set (not the bed - night stands, TV stand, huge Armoire, 2 dressers).  Present day Spicy Princess wouldn't buy that, but young SP was all about buying the Pottery Barn stuff.  It all worked out in the end - the stuff is decent and has held up 8 years with little to show (err - maybe there is a scratch from a certain small dog who decided he should run across the coffee table once...) in the wear-and-tear department.  And, being the miser that I am, I still look at the pieces and feel like they are too high quality for me - so would never think of getting new stuff just for the sake of getting new stuff.  
I am sure I have other items that will go on this list, but those are what I am thinking about right now.  What items have you purchased or been gifted that you feel are totally worth the price for a higher-end quality?  

Final thought - I know when I was growing up it was always poo-pooed for people to give/get things like irons or other important basic necessities for gifts for holidays.  I, as you can see from above, feel that getting something like a really nice blender, or (if I was going to need to iron frequently) a nice iron and ironing board that would make my life easier and I would enjoy using regularly is a MUCH better gift than a fancy bracelet or purse that I am going to use once and never again.  

Have a great March - I'll try to get back soon and give you more updates!



  1. I'm also a big fan of the practical gift. Please give me something I can use rather than something that will take up space until I get over my guilt and donate it!

  2. Quality never goes out of style and practical gifts are the best. The most practical gift is cash. Put it in the form of a gift certificate, even better.

    I homemade gift certificates and put in $100 bills. Easily spent, at any store, even if it wasn't the one I printed on my certificate.

    Hopefully your quest for leaving the full time job is going well.