Sunday, March 3, 2013

Getting A New Dog

It's Spicy Princess here, reporting for the first time.  You'll quickly be able to identify my writing in the future from the ! and :) that will be dropped in.  And, probably most obvious, when you read the title and go "how the heck does that relate to The Executioner's plan?" - bear with me, there is always a connection.

We're not really getting a new dog, but I have named my Rollover IRA Spot, because I am funny that way.  At first I was only thinking about the name Spot with the fact that Rollover is in the name, however after thinking about the paperwork that went into getting Spot into my possession (and by possession I mean loaded with my hard earned money) and all the research I am doing on what I should do with said Spot, it is feeling a lot like a new dog.  I remember when I got my first dog, at the age of 21... I read every book and looked at all kinds of websites to prepare for it and questioned every decision I made.  I am feeling a bit like that again now - at age 21.5 (joking).  Luckily for me, a huge difference in this process is that I have an experienced partner and coach.  The Executioner did some amazing explaining on the what's and why's and showed his patience in explaining some things again and again and again.

So now that I have Spot, I am deciding what type of tricks I want him to do.  I am using the websites, books, and lists The Executioner (TE) has suggested and am hoping to have come to a (somewhat) final decision/plan to talk through with TE within the next week or two.  Work keeps getting in the way of my concentration and learning about Spot though.  I'll be back soon to tell you all about Spot's new tricks. 

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