Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Reminder

I took the past few weeks off from blogging even though I've had a lot of thoughts rolling around in my mind.  One of my goals when I started this blog back in August was to make shorter, more frequent entries, but so far I've failed at that.  I'm going to renew my efforts to achieve this goal.  I hope that by limiting the time spent on each post, I'll find the task of writing less daunting.

Meanwhile, today I was given a fresh reminder of why my wife and I are on the current quest to voluntarily end our employment as soon as possible.  Despite working for one of the most profitable divisions of the company, my employer announced massive cuts in spending next year which caused a number of people on my team to lose their jobs.  Those affected will be unemployed in two weeks.  This shook up the entire group because it was so completely unexpected.  Rumor has it that the executive management team is concerned about the uncertain political situation as we move into the new year.

Although I wasn't one of those who was given notice of termination, it helps to renew my focus on why it's necessary to develop an income stream independent of our employers as soon as we can.  A diverse collection of many income-producing investments should be much less susceptible to failure than the status quo:  our reliance on the willingness of only two companies to continue to provide the majority of our income.  

We're currently still dependent on our employers to maintain our existing lifestyle, but with each paycheck we're taking steps to increase our capital base and provide for our future replacement income.

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