Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 Dividends

Although the clock hasn't yet run out on 2012, we've already received all of our dividends for the year.  The total comes to just over $1,200.  This includes a somewhat questionable special dividend payment from PETS*, but even if we exclude that, I'm pleased with the total of $1,000+ we've received over the past five months.  We didn't start investing in our Early Retirement account until July, and didn't receive our first dividend payment until August.

I'm tracking our dividends on the Portfolio page, on the Dividend tabs in the embedded spreadsheet.  Our future projected dividends are shown on the Summary (and Details) tab in the "Annual Div Estimate" column, based on our current holdings and the most recent announced payout from each holding.

Assuming no major cuts in dividends in 2013, we should see a total payout in the neighborhood of $3,000 based on our current holdings.  Of course we plan to continue adding to the account with each paycheck, so I'm cautiously optimistic we can see a dividend total around $5,000 in 2013 when future purchases are added into the mix.

As the saying instructs, it's risky to count chickens before they hatch, especially given the current uncertainty around the future tax treatment of dividends in the US.  I'll also be the first to admit that some of our current higher-yield holdings are more risky/speculative than the usual dividend growth favorites, but I'm still pleased with each of them and would not hesitate to add to any of them (at the right price) given enough available cash on hand.  Here's looking forward to a prosperous 2013!

*The PETS special dividend pay date is December 24, but I already see it posted to our brokerage account this weekend.


  1. Great job! You've got a hell of a YOC on that portfolio. Mine is way lower, but of course I've got a lot more of the "dividend growth favorites" that you mention...and a few of them come with much lower yields.

    Keep up the great work. If you can nail $5k in dividend income next year that would be fantastic.

    Best wishes!

  2. Thanks! I'm focusing on things we can control (adding capital) rather than stressing about things out of our control (politics, world economy, stock market performance). Hopefully by continuing to build our portfolio over time, we'll continue to see the dividends grow from one year to the next.