Thursday, September 6, 2012

Recent Updates

The September dividends are starting to flow in.  CLF paid last Friday (technically still August), followed by INTC and COP earlier this week.  I've started tracking dividends received on the Portfolio page (in the Dividends tab of the spreadsheet).

We made two additional purchases since my last entry.  I opened a new position in MCD.  I also added to our stake in CLF after a recent decline.  Going forward I hope to balance our purchases between high-quality, lower-risk blue chip stocks (like MCD) and comparatively lower-quality, higher-yielding, higher-risk names like CLF and PBI (although depending on the source, these still rank as blue chips because of their inclusion in the S&P 500), as well as REITs.

Four more of our holdings are set to pay dividends in the month of September.  As it stands now, the March/June/Sept/Dec quarterly cycle is the payment schedule for the largest number of our positions.

I've been working long hours this week.  Although it seems like a distant dream at the moment, I look forward to the day when our investments can pick up some of the slack and make a meaningful contribution to our income.


  1. Great pickup on MCD. Solid business right there at an attractive long-term price.

    I hear you on working long hours and the passive income meeting expenses still being a ways off. I feel like once the dividends start to reach $300/mo reliably I'll feel really good about my situation. At that point, almost 25% of my expenses would be covered by passive income and my life becomes much more flexible.

    Keep up the great work.

    Best wishes.

  2. DM, thanks for the encouragement. One of your posts on MCD was partially responsible for us taking the plunge -- good info there.